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  • Animal behaviour meets technology on the New Zealand biotechnology learning hub (

    Buntting, Catherine Michelle; Barwood, Bill (2006)
    The article reports on the research that examine the capacity of a fully automated milking system at the Dexcel's Greenfield Project, a research farm set up in Hamilton, New Zealand. Robotic milking system, in contrast to ...
  • Biotechnology's wheel of knowledge

    Buntting, Catherine Michelle; Jones, Alister (APN Educational Media, 2006)
    Article with results of study carried out to raise awareness of the role of biotechnology in the New Zealand curriculum. The findings highlighted that biotechnology learning needs to be situated in real life contexts that ...
  • Developing a biotechnology learning hub for New Zealand

    Buntting, Catherine Michelle; Jones, Alister (New Zealand Association of Science Educators, 2005)
    The article discusses the development of New Zealand's Biotechnology Learning Hub. The authors explains the Biotechnology Learning Hub is an on-line portal developed as a result of initial findings. Its principal aim is ...
  • The developing field of technology education: a review to look forward

    Jones, Alister; Buntting, Catherine Michelle; Vries, Marc J. (Springer, 2011)
    This paper attempts to review the development of technology education over the last 20–25 years. The purpose is to reflect on how far the field has come and where it might go to, including what questions need to be considered ...
  • Developing students’ futures thinking in science education

    Jones, Alister; Buntting, Catherine Michelle; Hipkins, Rosemary; McKim, Anne M.; Conner, Lindsey; Saunders, Kathryn J. (Springer, 2012)
    Futures thinking involves a structured exploration into how society and its physical and cultural environment could be shaped in the future. In science education, an exploration of socio-scientific issues offers significant ...

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