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  • Health invaders in New Zealand primary schools

    Burrows, Lisette; Petrie, Kirsten Culhane; Cosgriff, Marg (Wilf Malcolm Institue of Educational Research, UoW, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2015)
    Escalating concern over childhood obesity rates, children’s eating habits and their physical activity regimes has fuelled the development of multiple health policies and resources. Many of these are reaching into primary ...
  • Response to letter ‘New Zealand’s shocking diabetes rates can be reduced—9 urgently needed actions’

    Pausé, Cat; Brown, Seth; Carryer, Jenny; Wolber, Fran; Finn, Lynda; Longhurst, Robyn; lisahunter; Fitzpatrick, Katie; Cain, Trudie; Burrows, Lisette; Hoverd, Wil; Dickson, Andrew (New Zealand Medical Association, 2011-09)
    We are writing in response to the letter published in the 12 August 2011 issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal by Signal et al: 1340/4822

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