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  • Corpus approaches to discourse analysis: Persuasion strategies in a large corpus of #Covid19NZ Tweets

    Burnett, Jessie; Calude, Andreea S. (2021)
    Social media platforms afford a window into the fast-paced and ever-changing world of public opinion. The language used in such outlets allows us to interrogate strategies used for constructing different discourse perspectives. ...
  • Dominant words rise to the top by positive frequency-dependent selection.

    Pagel, Mark; Beaumont, Mark; Meade, Andrew; Verkerk, Annemarie; Calude, Andreea S. (2019)
    A puzzle of language is how speakers come to use the same words for particular meanings, given that there are often many competing alternatives (e.g., "sofa," "couch," "settee"), and there is seldom a necessary connection ...
  • The history of number words in the world's languages-what have we learnt so far?

    Calude, Andreea S. (Royal Society Publishing, 2021)
    For over 100 years, researchers from various disciplines have been enthralled and occupied by the study of number words. This article discusses implications for the study of deep history and human evolution that arise from ...
  • Hybrid Hashtags: #YouKnowYoureAKiwiWhen Your Tweet Contains Māori and English

    Trye, David; Calude, Andreea S.; Bravo-Marquez, Felipe; Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory
    Twitter constitutes a rich resource for investigating language contact phenomena. In this paper, we report findings from the analysis of a large-scale diachronic corpus of over one million tweets, containing loanwords from ...
  • Inferentials in spoken English

    Calude, Andreea S.; Delahunty, Gerald P. (2011)
    Although there is a growing body of research on inferential sentences (Declerck 1992, Delahunty 1990, 1995, 2001, Koops 2007, Pusch 2006), most of this research has been on their forms and functions in written discourse. ...

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