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  • Achieving sub-millimetre precision with a solid-state full-field heterodyning range imaging camera

    Dorrington, Adrian A.; Cree, Michael J.; Payne, Andrew D.; Conroy, Richard M.; Carnegie, Dale A. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2007)
    We have developed a full-field solid-state range imaging system capable of capturing range and intensity data simultaneously for every pixel in a scene with sub-millimetre range precision. The system is based on indirect ...
  • Characterization of modulated time-of-flight range image sensors

    Payne, Andrew D.; Dorrington, Adrian A.; Cree, Michael J.; Carnegie, Dale A. (SPIE and IS&T, 2009)
    A number of full field image sensors have been developed that are capable of simultaneously measuring intensity and distance (range) for every pixel in a given scene using an indirect time-of-flight measurement technique. ...
  • Characterizing an image intensifier in an full-field range image system

    Payne, Andrew D.; Dorrington, Adrian A.; Cree, Michael J.; Carnegie, Dale A. (IEEE, 2008)
    We are developing a high precision full-field range imaging system. An integral component in this system is an image intensifier, which is modulated at frequencies up to 100 MHz. The range measurement precision is dictated ...
  • A computerized Langmuir probe system

    Pilling, L.S.; Bydder, E.L.; Carnegie, Dale A. (American Institute of Physics, 2003-07)
    For low pressure plasmas it is important to record entire single or double Langmuir probe characteristics accurately. For plasmas with a depleted high energy tail, the accuracy of the recorded ion current plays a critical ...
  • Design and construction of a configurable full-field range imaging system for mobile robotic applications

    Carnegie, Dale A.; McClymont, J.R.K.; Jongenelen, Adrian P.P.; Drayton, B.; Dorrington, Adrian A.; Payne, Andrew D. (Springer Verlag, 2011)
    Mobile robotic devices rely critically on extrospection sensors to determine the range to objects in the robot’s operating environment. This provides the robot with the ability both to navigate safely around obstacles and ...

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