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  • Building organisational commitment to counteract brain drain from southern hemisphere accountancy firms

    Hooks, Jill; Edgar, Fiona; Inkson, Kerr; Carr, Stuart C.; Edwards, Margot; Jackson, Duncan; Thorn, Kaye (Singapore Human Resources Institute, 2007)
    With countries increasingly thinking like organisations as they recruit and retain global talent, it is posited that High Commitment Management (HCM) Human Resource Management (HRM) systems could be applied to help stem ...
  • I-O Psychology in Aotearoa, New Zealand: A world away?

    O’Driscoll, Michael P.; Carr, Stuart C.; Forsyth, Stewart (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, 2007)
    Industrial-organizational psychology has had a fairly long history in this country, dating back to around the 1920s (Jamieson & Paterson, 1993). To a large extent the field developed initially within universities, although ...
  • Migration and career success: testing a time-sequenced model

    Tharmaseelan, Nithya; Inkson, Kerr; Carr, Stuart C. (Emerald Group, 2010)
    Purpose – The paper seeks to determine whether different aspects of migrant pre-migration characteristics (human capital and motivation to migrate) and post-migration behaviour (social integration and career self-management) ...