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  • Barriers and facilitators to colorectal cancer diagnosis in New Zealand: a qualitative study

    Blackmore, Tania; Norman, Kimberley; Kidd, Jacquie; Cassim, Shemana; Chepulis, Lynne Merran; Keenan, Rawiri; Firth, Melissa; Jackson, Christopher G.C.A.; Stokes, Tim E.; Weller, David; Emery, Jon; Lawrenson, Ross (BMC, 2020-10-01)
    Background: New Zealand (NZ) has high rates of colorectal cancer but low rates of early diagnosis. Due to a lack of understanding of the pre-diagnostic experience from the patient’s perspective, it is necessary to investigate ...
  • Barriers to diabetes self-management in a subset of New Zealand adults with Type 2 diabetes and poor glycaemic control

    Chepulis, Lynne Merran; Morison, Brittany; Cassim, Shemana; Norman, Kimberley; Keenan, Rawiri; Paul, Ryan G.; Lawrenson, Ross (Hindawi Ltd, 2021)
    Background. Despite the fact that there is an increasingly effective armoury of medications to treat diabetes, many people continue to have substantially elevated blood glucose levels. The purpose of this study was to ...
  • Co-opting or valuing the indigenous voice through translation? A decision for research teams

    Kidd, Jacquie; Cassim, Shemana; Rolleston, Anna; Keenan, Rawiri (University of Waikato, 2019)
    Although te reo Māori is an official language of Aotearoa New Zealand, translation of research material such as information sheets, consent forms and questionnaires into te reo Māori remains highly variable. Translation ...
  • The COVID-19 domestic vaccine pass: Implications for Māori

    Kukutai, Tahu; Clark, Vanessa; Mika, Jason; Muru-Lanning, Marama; Pouwhare, Robert; Sterling, Rogena; Teague, Vanessa; Watts, David; Cassim, Shemana (National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, 2021-11-30)
    The New Zealand government has introduced a COVID-19 domestic vaccine pass to be used in conjunction with the COVID-19 Protection Framework. The Framework is likely to be activated soon after Cabinet meets on 29 November ...
  • Ha ora: Improving access to early diagnosis of lung cancer for Maori and rural communities. Understanding patient experiences in General Practice

    Lawrenson, Ross; Cassim, Shemana; Kidd, Jacquie; Rolleston, Anna; Hokowhitu, Brendan; Chepulis, Lynne Merran; Firth, Melissa; Aitken, Denise; Wong, Janice; Keenan, Rawiri (University of Waikato, 2021)
    There were two main objectives for this report. The first was to identify the barriers to early diagnosis of lung cancer experienced by Māori lung cancer patients and whānau. Second was to co-design a multi-pronged ...