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  • Case Comment: Re Family First New Zealand

    Chevalier-Watts, Juliet (University of Waikato, 2015)
    Re Family First New Zealand¹ has been a much anticipated case because it is the first case, as far as the author is aware, to have considered, and applied the principles set out so eloquently in the 2014 Supreme Court case ...
  • Case Comment: Re Greenpeace of New Zealand Inc

    Chevalier-Watts, Juliet (Te Piringa - Faculty of Law, University of Waikato, 2014)
    This has been a much awaited decision and marks the end of a long journey with regard to matters relating to political activities and charitable trusts, as well as considering illegal activities and charitable purpose. For ...
  • Case commentary: Bethell v Bethell [2014] NZSC177

    Chevalier-Watts, Juliet (LexisNexis NZ Limited, 2015)
    On the 3rd December 2014, the Supreme Court closed the chapter on an ongoing family dispute concerned with a piece of land in Auckland; the dispute was between the ex wife and the widow against their sister in law. The ...
  • Charitable trusts and advancement of religion: On a whim and a prayer?

    Chevalier-Watts, Juliet (Victoria University of Wellington, 2012)
    The advancement of religion is a controversial head of charitable trusts: whilst its foundations are based on tenets of intangible belief systems, New Zealand law, alongside other common law jurisdictions, supports the ...
  • Charitable trusts and political activity: Time for a change?

    Chevalier-Watts, Juliet (University of Waikato, 2011)
    For many decades case law and, more recently, statute has determined that a trust will be denied charitable status if its purposes are political. This appears, prima facie, to be a straightforward principle, however ...

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