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  • Exploring rumen microbe-derived fibre-degrading activities for improving feed digestibility

    Moon, C.D.; Gagic, D.; Ciric, M.; Noel, S.; Summers, Emma Louise; Li, D.; Atua, R.M.; Perry, R.; Sang, C.; Zhang, Y.L.; Schofield, L.R.; Leahy, S.C.; Altermann, E.; Janssen, P.H.; Arcus, Vickery L.; Kelly, W.J.; Waghorn, G.C.; Rakonjac, K.; Attwood, G.T. (2014)
    Ruminal fibre degradation is mediated by a complex community of rumen microbes, and its efficiency is crucial for optimal dairy productivity. Enzymes produced by rumen microbes are primarily responsible for degrading the ...