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  • Correcting bulk density measurements made with driving hammer equipment

    Parfitt, R.L.; Ross, C.W.; Schipper, Louis A.; Claydon, J.J.; Baisden, W. Troy; Arnold, Greg (Elsevier, 2010)
    Accurate measurement of dry bulk density is critical for determining stocks of elements such as carbon or nitrogen, in soils. During investigations of changes of soil carbon with time, we resampled soil profiles for bulk ...
  • Gains and losses in C and N stocks of New Zealand pasture soils depend on land use

    Schipper, Louis A.; Parfitt, R.L.; Ross, C.W.; Baisden, W. Troy; Claydon, J.J.; Fraser, S. (Elsevier, 2010)
    Previous re-sampling of 31 New Zealand pasture soil profiles to 1 m depth found large and significant losses of C and N over 2–3 decades. These profiles were predominantly on intensively grazed flat land. We have extended ...

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