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  • Betterment taxes, capital gains and benefit cost ratios

    Coleman, Andrew; Grimes, Arthur (Elsevier, 2010)
    ‘Betterment’ taxes can be used to fund infrastructure investments. We relate betterment taxes to the benefit: cost ratio, deriving conditions under which a project can be funded by such taxes, and relate betterment taxes ...
  • Fiscal, distributional and efficiency impacts of land and property taxes

    Coleman, Andrew; Grimes, Arthur (Routledge, 2010)
    Land taxes are known to be amongst the most efficient forms of taxation, as land is an immobile factor; property (capital value) taxes are less efficient owing to the tax on improvements. However there is little international ...
  • Residential sorting across Auckland neighbourhoods

    Care, David C.; Pinkerton, Ruth M.; Poot, Jacques; Coleman, Andrew (Population Association of New Zealand, 2012)
    This paper addresses the extent to which people in Auckland exhibit residential location patterns that differ between groups, i.e. the extent to which they are spatially sorted. To measure patterns of residential location, ...

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