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  • Reflecting on teacher development in technology education: Implications for future programmes

    Compton, Vicki; Jones, Alister (Springer Verlag, 1998)
    This paper reflects on the outcomes of teacher professional development programmes in technology education. These programmes were based on a model which emphasised the importance of teachers developing an understanding of ...
  • Reviewing the field of technology education in New Zealand

    Jones, Alister; Compton, Vicki (Sense Publishers, 2009)
    In this chapter we discuss the development of technology as a field of study within compulsory education in New Zealand. We argue that technology education has found a place in the national curriculum, research, and teacher ...
  • Technology and science education

    Jones, Alister; Compton, Vicki (Longman, 1997)
    The incorporation of technology into the school curriculum is part of a worldwide trend in education. The way in which technology is incorporated depends on which country the reform is initiated in. The New Zealand Curriculum ...
  • Towards a model for teacher development in technology education: From research to practice

    Jones, Alister; Compton, Vicki (Springer Verlag, 1998)
    This paper reports on a series of interventions in New Zealand schools in order to enhance the teaching of, and learning in, technology as a new learning area. It details the way in which researchers worked with teachers ...

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