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  • Balancing openness with Indigenous data sovereignty: An opportunity to leave no one behind in the journey to sequence all of life

    Cartney, Ann M. Mc; Anderson, Jane; Liggins, Libby; Hudson, Maui; Anderson, Matthew Z.; TeAika, Ben; Geary, Janis; Cook-Deegan, Robert; Patel, Hardip R.; Phillippy, Adam M. (2022)
    The field of genomics has benefited greatly from its "openness" approach to data sharing. However, with the increasing volume of sequence information being created and stored and the growing number of international genomics ...
  • Ethical, legal, and social issues in the Earth BioGenome Project.

    Sherkow, Jacob S.; Barker, Katharine B.; Braverman, Irus; Cook-Deegan, Robert; Durbin, Richard; Easter, Carla L.; Goldstein, Melissa M.; Hudson, Maui; Kress, W. John; Lewin, Harris A.; Mathews, Debra J. H.; McCarthy, Catherine; McCartney, Ann M.; da Silva, Manuela; Torrance, Andrew W.; Greely, Henry T. (2022)
    The Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) is an audacious endeavor to obtain whole-genome sequences of representatives from all eukaryotic species on Earth. In addition to the project's technical and organizational challenges, it ...