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  • Behind the label: Complexities of identifying Māori whānau in an away from home hospital transfer

    Masters-Awatere, Bridgette; Boulton, Amohia; Rata, Arama; Tangitu-Joseph, Makarita; Brown, Rachel; Cormack, Donna (New Zealand Psychological Society, 2017)
    This paper highlights two methodological issues that arose for a group of Māori researchers during the first few months of a Māori CoRE funded project. The issues were in relation to defining 1) the evolving construction ...
  • Census 2018 and Implications for Māori

    Kukutai, Tahu; Cormack, Donna (Population Association of New Zealand, 2018)
    The population census is a universal tool of governance but has come under increasing pressure as governments look to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and counter declining response rates. In Aotearoa New Zealand, the census ...
  • Good data practices for indigenous data sovereignty and governance

    Lovett, Raymond; Lee, Vanessa; Kukutai, Tahu; Cormack, Donna; Rainie, Stephanie; Walker, Jennifer (Institute of Network Cultures, 2019)
    Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) and Indigenous Data Governance (IDG) art terms increasingly being used across community, research, policy and in practice. The IDS movement has emerged in response to poor data practices, ...
  • Mana motuhake ā-raraunga: datafication and social science research in Aotearoa

    Kukutai, Tahu; Cormack, Donna (Routledge, 2019)
    Social practices, interactions and relations are increasingly being turned into data, driven by technologies that enable new methods of data accumulation, digitisation, integration and manipulation (Taylor and Broeders ...