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  • Prolactin delays hair regrowth in mice

    Craven, A.J.; Nixon, A.J.; Ashby, M.G.; Ormandy, C.J.; Blazek, K.; Wilkins, Richard J.; Pearson, A.J. (2006)
    Mammalian hair growth is cyclic, with hair-producing follicles alternating between active (anagen) and quiescent (telogen) phases. The timing of hair cycles is advanced in prolactin receptor (PRLR) knockout mice, suggesting ...
  • Prolactin signalling in murine hair growth

    Craven, A.J. (The University of Waikato, 2003)
    Although prolactin has been shown to entrain hair growth cycles in seasonally responsive mammals, no comparable role has been identified in the age-dependent pelage replacement of rodents. Prolactin binds to dimerised ...

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