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  • Insights into WebAssembly: Compilation performance and shared code caching in node.js

    Nießen, Tobias; Dawson, Michael; Patros, Panos; Kent, Kenneth B. (ACM, 2020)
    Alongside JavaScript, V8 and Node.js have become essential components of contemporary web and cloud applications. With the addition of WebAssembly to the web, developers finally have a fast platform for performance-critical ...
  • Node.js scalability investigation in the cloud

    Zhu, Jiapeng; Patros, Panos; Kent, Kenneth B.; Dawson, Michael (ACM, 2018)
    Node.js has gained popularity in cloud development due to its asynchronous, non-blocking and event-driven nature. However, scalability issues can limit the number of concurrent requests while achieving an acceptable level ...

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