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  • The Bom Santo Cave (Lisbon, Portugal): Catchment, Diet, and Patterns of Mobility of a Middle Neolithic Population

    Carvalho, António Faustino; Alves-Cardoso, Francisca; Goncalves, David; Granja, Raquel; Cardoso, João Luís; Dean, Rebecca M.; Francisco Gibaja, Juan; Masucci, Maria A.; Arroyo-Pardo, Eduardo; Fernandez-Dominguez, Eva; Petchey, Fiona; Price, T. Douglas; Mateus, José Eduardo; Queiroz, Paula Fernanda; Callapez, Pedro; Pimenta, Carlos; Regala, Frederico T. (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
    The study of the Bom Santo Cave (central Portugal), a Neolithic cemetery, indicated a complex social, palaeoeconomic and population scenario. With isotope, aDNA and provenience analyses of raw materials coupled with stylistic ...