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  • The influences of sonic sensory awareness through the production and consumption of screened nature documentaries

    Delmotte, Isabelle A. (University of Otago, 2017)
    Multiple commercial and technological factors influence the soundscapes experienced by audiences of nature documentaries. As a genre, nature documentary is a consensual term for fauna and wildlife screened programmes whose ...
  • Losing sight of atmospheric sounds in televised nature documentary

    Delmotte, Isabelle A. (Edinburgh University Press, 2017)
    The production of soundtracks for televised nature documentaries involves complexities in balancing the audience's sonic perceptions and emotions with audio content and scientific rigour. In addition, soundtracks need to ...
  • On the inner-perceived sound objects

    Delmotte, Isabelle A. (Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists Inc. (CSSA), 2016)
    Some individuals perceive a wider amount of sonic information from out of and within, the body. Pauline Oliveros describes the sonic envelope of the earth, the sonosphere, as made of resonant frequencies that couple bodies ...
  • Tuned in and hands on: Sound designers beyond technical expertise

    Delmotte, Isabelle A. (Leiden University Press (LUP), 2014)
    The term sound designer is a relatively new addition to the professional roles in a film sound crew. Its use can be traced to the 1970s when the dismantlement of some major Hollywood studios gave space for more experimental ...