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  • Applying the Ka Awatea model to Māori students’ experiences at university

    Derby, Melissa; McChesney, Katrina (2022-11-16)
    Understanding key factors that contribute to (or negatively impact on) Māori student success can: • Promote the development of better policy that supports Māori students to achieve educational success; • Aid in targeting ...
  • Failing a Generation: What literacy is and why it matters

    Derby, Melissa (2023-11-16)
    The concept of literacy and its ownership sparks diverse perspectives, with some viewing it through a Western lens of reading and writing, while others argue for a culturally relative understanding encompassing various ...
  • From the rākau to the ngākau

    Derby, Melissa; Macfarlane, Sonja (Victoria University of Wellington Library, 2021)
    The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in Aotearoa New Zealand has funded 11 National Science Challenges (NSC), which aim to tackle a series of big questions affecting wellbeing in society. One Challenge, ...
  • A history of Māori literacy success

    Derby, Melissa (2021)
    This article explores literacy in 19th century Māori society, and in particular, this work considers the initial interactions Māori tribal groups had with literacy following contact with British settlers. The overarching ...
  • “Literacy is not a Māori thing": Debunking the deficit discourse

    Derby, Melissa (2022-03-22)
    Literacy has been entrenched in Māori society for more than 200 years, meeting needs that range from serving a political purpose to reading purely for pleasure. Literacy is not solely a Western competency, and Māoristriving ...

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