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  • Collective writing: An inquiry into praxis

    Jandrić, Petar; Devine, Nesta; Jackson, Liz; Peters, Michael A.; Lăzăroiu, Georage; Mihăilă, Ramona; Locke, Kirsten; Heraud, Richard; Gibbons, Andrew; Grierson, Elizabeth; Forster, Daniella J.; White, Jayne E.; Stewart, Georgina; Tesar, Marek; Arndt, Sonja Kathrina; Brighouse, Susanne; Benade, Leon (2017)
    This is the second text in the series collectively written by members of the Editors' Collective, which comprises a series of individual and collaborative reflections upon the experience of contributing to the previous and ...
  • Life, the crocodile, the Pisikoa and the wind: representations of teaching in the writings of three pacific authors.

    Devine, Nesta (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2006)
    In the course of research involving the experiences of teachers of Pacific ancestry in New Zealand public schools, I became interested in the ways in which teachers were represented in Pacific thinking. Published works ...
  • Pedagogy and subjectivity: Creating our own students.

    Devine, Nesta (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2003)
    Education students often expect that teacher education will teach them how to 'manage' their students. This expectation is founded upon a notion that the subjectivities of teacher and students are fixed and that it is, ...