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  • An external heat pulse method for measurement of sap flow through fruit pedicels, leaf petioles and other small-diameter stems

    Clearwater, Michael J.; Luo, Zhiwei; Mazzeo, Mariarosaria; Dichio, Bartolomeo (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2009)
    The external heat ratio method is described for measurement of low rates of sap flow in both directions through stems and other plant organs, including fruit pedicels, with diameters up to 5 mm and flows less than 2 g h⁻¹. ...
  • Hydraulic resistance of developing Actinidia fruit

    Mazzeo, Mariarosaria; Dichio, Bartolomeo; Clearwater, Michael J.; Montanaro, Giuseppe; Xiloyannis, Cristos (Oxford, 2013)
    Background and Aims Xylem flows into most fruits decline as the fruit develop, with important effects on mineral and carbohydrate accumulation. It has been hypothesized that an increase in xylem hydraulic resistance (RT) ...
  • Internal versus external control of calcium nutrition in kiwifruit

    Montanaro, Giuseppe; Dichio, Bartolomeo; Lang, Alexander; Mininni, Alba N.; Nuzzo, Vitale; Clearwater, Michael J.; Xiloyannis, Cristos (Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2014-10-08)
    Higher calcium (Ca) concentration in several fleshy fruit including kiwifruit is a pre-requisite for lower incidence of Ca-related diseases and improved fruit nutritional value. This review examines the internal and external ...