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  • Biases in the metabarcoding of plant pathogens using rust fungi as a model system

    Makiola, Andreas; Dickie, Ian A.; Holdaway, Robert J.; Wood, Jamie R.; Orwin, Kate H.; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Glare, Travis R. (Wiley, 2018)
    Plant pathogens such as rust fungi (Pucciniales) are of global economic and ecological importance. This means there is a critical need to reliably and cost‐effectively detect, identify, and monitor these fungi at large ...
  • Towards robust and repeatable sampling methods in eDNA-based studies

    Dickie, Ian A.; Boyer, Stephane; Buckley, Hannah L.; Duncan, Richard P.; Gardner, Paul P.; Hogg, Ian D.; Holdaway, Robert J.; Lear, Gavin; Makiola, Andreas; Morales, Sergio E.; Powell, Jeff R.; Weaver, Louise (WILEY, 2018)
    DNA‐based techniques are increasingly used for measuring the biodiversity (species presence, identity, abundance and community composition) of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. While there are numerous reviews of molecular ...