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  • Coping with design complexity: a conceptual framework for design alternatives and variants

    Bowen, Judy; Dittmar, Anke (Springer, 2017)
    Interaction design processes are characterised by multi-disciplinary teamwork and by an interplay of creative, situated and analytical thinking. Although design in the domain of human-computer interaction has been widely ...
  • Formal Definitions for Design Spaces and Traces

    Bowen, Judy; Dittmar, Anke (IEEE, 2017)
    Within the domain of interactive system development and design, particularly for safety-critical systems, there is an inherent tension between formalisms used for software engineering methodologies and the creative aspects ...
  • A semi-formal framework for describing interaction design spaces

    Bowen, Judy; Dittmar, Anke (ACM, 2016)
    Interactive system design is typically more successful if it is an iterative process involving collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams with different viewpoints. While some sub-teams may focus on the creative aspects ...

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