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  • Dynamic digital library construction and configuration

    Bainbridge, David; Don, Katherine J.; Buchanan, George; Witten, Ian H.; Jones, Steve; Jones, Matt; Barr, Malcolm I. (Springer, 2004)
    This paper describes a digital library architecture and implementation that is configurable, extensible and dynamic in the way it presents content and in the services it provides. The design manifests itself as a network ...
  • Language switching in a digital library; does it make a difference if the default language is set to Maori?

    Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Don, Katherine J. (2004-01-01)
    In this paper we investigate the effect of default interface language on usage patterns of the Niupepa digital library (a collection of historic Māori language newspapers), by switching the default interface language between ...
  • A new framework for building digital library collections

    Buchanan, George; Bainbridge, David; Don, Katherine J.; Witten, Ian H. (ACM, 2005)
    This paper introduces a new framework for building digital library collections and contrasts it with existing systems. It describes a significant new step in the development of a widely-used open-source digital library ...
  • StoneD: A bridge between Greenstone and DSpace

    Witten, Ian H.; Bainbridge, David; Tansley, Robert; Huang, Chi-Yu; Don, Katherine J. (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 2005-04)
    Greenstone and DSpace are widely-used software systems for digital libraries, and prospective users sometimes wonder which one to adopt. In fact, the aims of the two are very different, although their domains of application ...
  • Text mining in a digital library

    Witten, Ian H.; Don, Katherine J.; Dewsnip, Michael; Tablan, Valentin (Springer, 2004)
    Digital library strive to add value to the collections they create and maintain. One way is through selectivity: a carefully chosen set of authoritative documents in a particular topic area is far more useful to those ...