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  • Anaerobic growth and denitrification by Rhizobium japonicum and other rhizobia

    Daniel, Roy M.; Smith, I.M.; Phillip, J.A.D.; Ratcliffe, H.D.; Drozd, J.W.; Bull, A.T. (1980)
    The product of nitrate respiration in Rhizobium japonicum and a number of other rhizobia capable of anaerobic growth utilizing nitrate was N2O. No N2 or ammonia was formed. Nitrate reduction was linked to ATP formation ...
  • Energy coupling in soybean bacteroids

    Ratcliffe, H.D.; Drozd, J.W.; Bull, A.T.; Daniel, Roy M. (Wiley, 1980)
    Biological dinitrogen fixation by Rhizobium spp. in the root nodules of leguminous plants such as soybean is of considerable agronomic importance. Biological dinitrogen fixation is ATP- and reductant-dependent; between 12 ...

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