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  • Absolute Intensities of NH-Stretching Transitions in Dimethylamine and Pyrrole

    Miller, Benjamin J.; Du, Lin; Steel, Thomas J.; Paul, Allanah J.; Södergren, A. Helena; Lane, Joseph R.; Henry, Bryan R.; Kjaergaard, Henrik G. (American Chemical Society, 2012)
    Vibrational spectra of vapor-phase dimethylamine (DMA) and pyrrole have been recorded in the 1000 to 13000 cm–1 region using long path conventional spectroscopy techniques. We have focused on the absolute intensities of ...
  • Identification of the dimethylamine-trimethylamine complex in the gas phase

    Du, Lin; Lane, Joseph R.; Kjaergaard, Henrik G. (American Institute of Physics, 2012)
    We have identified the dimethylamine-trimethylamine complex (DMA-TMA) at room temperature in the gas phase. The Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrum of DMA-TMA in the NH-stretching fundamental region was obtained by ...