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  • AI augmented approach to identify shared ideas from large format public consultation

    Weng, Min-Hsien; Wu, Shaoqun; Dyer, Mark (MDPI AG, 2021)
    Public data, contributed by citizens, stakeholders and other potentially affected parties, are becoming increasingly used to collect the shared ideas of a wider community. Having collected large quantities of text data ...
  • The city of digital social innovators

    Certomà, Chiara; Dyer, Mark; Passani, Antonella (Cogitatio, 2020)
    The concept of digital social innovation (DSI) refers to a fast-growing set of initiatives aimed at providing innovative solutions to social problems and needs by deploying the potential of the social web and digital media. ...
  • Convergence of public participation, participatory design and NLP to co-develop circular economy

    Dyer, Mark; Wu, Shaoqun; Weng, Min-Hsien (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2021)
    The concept of a circular economy is at a crossroads. To date, it has been largely driven by top-down national or trans-national legislation such as EU Circular Economy Package or Chinese Circular Economy Promotion. Bottom-up ...
  • Interrogative city infrastructures

    Dyer, Mark; Gleeson, Richard (2017)
    The term City Infrastructures is restricted often to the physical elements of a city, while in practice it represents both hard infrastructure of built environment and utilities, as well as soft infrastructures comprising ...
  • Tokomaru Bay Wharf and heritage buildings restoration design: Innovating a holistic final year civil design project

    Boston, Megan; Dyer, Mark; Dyer, Rachel; Geremicca, Federica; Shokri, Ali (2019)
    CONTEXT The discipline of civil engineering focuses on creating the built environment necessary for a functioning society, however, curriculum often focuses on the design of specific structures in isolation from the larger ...