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  • The city of digital social innovators

    Certomà, Chiara; Dyer, Mark; Passani, Antonella (Cogitatio, 2020)
    The concept of digital social innovation (DSI) refers to a fast-growing set of initiatives aimed at providing innovative solutions to social problems and needs by deploying the potential of the social web and digital media. ...
  • Interrogative city infrastructures

    Dyer, Mark; Gleeson, Richard (2017)
    The term City Infrastructures is restricted often to the physical elements of a city, while in practice it represents both hard infrastructure of built environment and utilities, as well as soft infrastructures comprising ...
  • Tokomaru Bay Wharf and heritage buildings restoration design: Innovating a holistic final year civil design project

    Boston, Megan; Dyer, Mark; Dyer, Rachel; Geremicca, Federica; Shokri, Ali (2019)
    CONTEXT The discipline of civil engineering focuses on creating the built environment necessary for a functioning society, however, curriculum often focuses on the design of specific structures in isolation from the larger ...
  • Urban narrative: Computational linguistic interpretation of large format public participation for urban infrastructure

    Dyer, Mark; Weng, Min-Hsien; Wu, Shaoqun; Garcia Ferrari, Tomás; Dyer, Rachel (Cogitatio, 2020)
    Urban Narrative works at the interface between public participation and participatory design to support collaboration processes for urban planning and design. It applies computational linguistics to interpret large format ...
  • Urban narrative: Value based urban design

    Mackness, Kate; Dyer, Mark; Dyer, Rachel; Hinze, Annika; Garcia Ferrari, Tomás; Wu, Shaoqun; Wilkins, Rebekah; Weng, Min-Hsien (2019)
    Urban Narrative focuses on the social dimension within urban design which is often overlooked in practice which examines human values and needs as a means to inform design practice. The project has been working in partnership ...