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  • A 28,000 year old excavated painted rock from Nawarla Gabarnmang, northern Australia

    David, Bruno O.; Barker, Bryce; Petchey, Fiona; Delannoy, Jean-Jacques; Geneste, Jean-Michel; Rowe, Cassandra; Eccleston, Mark; Lamb, Lara; Whear, Ray (Elsevier, 2013)
    We report new archaeological excavations from northern Australia revealing part of a charcoal design likely to be c. 28,000 years old (and chrono-stratigraphically constrained within the period 15,600-45,600 cal BP) on a ...
  • How old are Australia's pictographs? A review of rock art dating

    David, Bruno O.; Geneste, Jean-Michel; Petchey, Fiona; Delannoy, Jean-Jacques; Barker, Bryce; Eccleston, Mark (Elsevier, 2013)
    Australia contains some of the world's richest and apparently longest traditions of rock pictographs. Dating this art, however, has been problematic, with few 'direct' and reliable dates of Pleistocene or early Holocene ...