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  • Designing an e-portfolio environment for assessment of a collaborative technology project

    Edwards, Richard (Aix-Marseille Presses Universitaires, 2015)
    E-portfolios can be used to record both the development process and the outcomes of technology design projects. Preparation of an appropriate e-portfolio environment, including the choice and set-up of the software, provision ...
  • Environmental education in New Zealand schools

    Bolstad, Rachel; Cowie, Bronwen; Eames, Chris W.; Baker, Miles; Keown, Paul Ashley; Edwards, Richard; Coll, Richard K.; Rogers, Neil (The Ministry of Education, 2004)
    This research, presented in four volumes, looked at current practice in environmental education in New Zealand schools using a range of methods.
  • Pre-service teachers' perceptions of technology and technology education

    Forret, Michael; Edwards, Richard; Lockley, John; Nguyen, Nhung Hong (Technology Environmental Science and Mathematics Education Research Centre, University of Waikato, 2013)
    Technology teachers’ perceptions and understanding of the nature of technology heavily influences their perceptions of technology education and consequently shapes their teaching practice. Understanding the nature of ...
  • Taking ownership: The story of a successful partnership for change in a Pacific Island science teacher education setting.

    Edwards, Richard; Pita, Solomon; Porakari, James (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2011)
    This paper explores an example of a partnership approach that appears to be producing sustainable change in a Pacific Islands education setting. The people involved report on the way science education staff from the Solomon ...
  • Young children’s views of the technology process: an exploratory study

    Milne, Louise; Edwards, Richard (Springer, 2013)
    This paper describes an exploratory study of an aspect of the technological knowledge of two groups of five-year-old students in their first year at school. Their emerging understandings of the steps required to develop a ...