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  • Animal olfactory detection of human diseases: Guidelines and systematic review

    Edwards, Timothy L.; Browne, Clare Melody; Schoon, Adee; Cox, Christophe; Poling, Alan (Elsevier, 2017)
    Animal olfactory detection of human diseases has attracted an increasing amount of interest from researchers in recent years. Because of the inconsistent findings reported in this body of research and the complexity of ...
  • Automated canine scent-detection apparatus: Technical description and training outcomes

    Edwards, Timothy L.
    To date, laboratory scent-detection work with dogs has been a manual process whereby some or all aspects of the procedures are mediated by researchers. Automation of this process would eliminate issues associated with ...
  • Influences of monetary incentives on Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) performance

    Taylor, Tokiko; Sargisson, Rebecca J.; Edwards, Timothy L. (Graphy, 2021)
    Performance-based incentives may improve the validity of results from implicit attitude assessment tasks and improve attrition rates. Participants working to obtain the incentive may be less likely to edit their responses ...
  • The matching law

    Poling, Alan; Edwards, Timothy L.; Weeden, Marc A.; Foster, T. Mary (Southern Illinois University, 2011)
    This article introduces the quantitative analysis of choice behavior by describing a number of equations developed over the years to describe the relation between the allocation of behavior under concurrent schedules of ...
  • Motivating operations and stimulus control

    Edwards, Timothy L.; Lotfizadeh, Amin D.; Poling, Alan (Wiley, 2019)
    The motivating operations concept has generated substantial conceptual analysis and research interest. Following an analysis of how motivating operations affect behavior, one which emphasizes the interactive role of ...

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