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  • Cross-cultural validation of the stroke riskometer using generalizability theory.

    Medvedev, Oleg N.; Truong, Quoc Cuong; Merkin, Alexander; Borotkanics, Robert; Krishnamurthi, Rita; Feigin, Valery (2021)
    The Stroke Riskometer mobile application is a novel, validated way to provide personalized stroke risk assessment for individuals and motivate them to reduce their risks. Although this app is being used worldwide, its ...
  • Sex differences in outcomes from mild traumatic brain injury eight years post-injury.

    Starkey, Nicola J.; Duffy, Brittney; Jones, Kelly; Theadom, Alice; Barker-Collo, Suzanne; Feigin, Valery; BIONIC8 Research Group (2022)
    The long-term effects of mild TBI (mTBI) are not well understood, and there is an ongoing debate about whether there are sex differences in outcomes following mTBI. This study examined i) symptom burden and functional ...