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  • Curriculum implementation exploratory studies: Final report

    Cowie, Bronwen; Hipkins, Rosemary; Boyd, Sally; Bull, Ally; Keown, Paul Ashley; McGee, Clive; Cooper, Beverley; Ferrier-Kerr, Jenny L.; Hume, Anne Christine; McKim, Anne M.; Moreland, Judy; Morrison, Michele; Bolstad, Rachel; Spiller, Lorraine; Taylor, Merilyn; Yates, Russell (Ministry of Education, 2009)
    Throughout the history of schooling in New Zealand the national curriculum has been revised at fairly regular intervals. Consequently, schools are periodically faced with having to accommodate to new curriculum. In between ...
  • Developing an inter-university partnership: The importance of relationally-connected leaders

    Ferrier-Kerr, Jenny L.; Haxton, Paul (Valparaiso University's College of Business, 2014)
    We have been involved in an inter-university partnership that supports, contributes to, and influences our own and others’ thinking and actions. As we have collaborated on teaching, learning, and research in the field of ...
  • Establishing professional relationships in practicum settings

    Ferrier-Kerr, Jenny L. (Elsevier, 2009)
    The relationship between an associate teacher and student teacher is a crucial aspect of the practicum experience in pre-service teacher education. Establishing a professional relationship is critical to the learning that ...
  • Mentoring: Using an inquiry approach to support the development of higher education teachers' pedagogical practice

    Ferrier-Kerr, Jenny L. (The University of Waikato, 2022)
    Mentoring has been proven to contribute to the development of higher education teachers’ pedagogical practice by expanding their knowledge and understanding for teaching in an adult learning context. This development can ...
  • The role of professional development and learning in the early adoption of the New Zealand curriculum by schools.

    Ferrier-Kerr, Jenny L.; Keown, Paul Ashley; Hume, Anne Christine (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2008)
    This paper is set in the context of Phase One of the Ministry of Education Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies (CIES) project. The schools selected for this study were considered early adopters of the revised New ...

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