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  • Feasibility of storing carbon dioxide on a tectonically active margin: New Zealand

    Field, Brad D.; Lawrence, M.J.; Nicol, A.; McNamara, D.; Arnot, M.J.; Coyle, F.; Higgs, K.E.; Mountain, B.; Gerstenberger, M.; Daniel, R.; Bunch, M.A.; Barton, Barry (American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 2015)
    Screening of New Zealand's sedimentary basins indicates several gigatonnes of carbon dioxide storage capacity might be available. However, carbon dioxide storage is currently untested in New Zealand and it is likely that ...
  • Managing potential interactions of subsurface resources

    Field, Brad D.; Barton, Barry; Funnell, R.; Higgs, K.E.; Nichol, A.; Seebeck, H. (2017)
    Subsurface resources include oil, gas, coal, groundwater, saline aquifer minerals, and heat (for geothermal use). Pore space itself should also be considered as a resource as it can be used for injection of waste fluids, ...
  • Textural variations in Neogene pelagic carbonate ooze at DSDP Site 593, southern Tasman Sea, and their paleoceanographic implications

    Cooke, Penelope J.; Nelson, Campbell S.; Crundwell, Martin P.; Field, Brad D.; Elkington, E. Shirley; Stone, Harold H. (SIR Publishing, 2004-12-01)
    Changes in Neogene sediment texture in pelagic carbonate-rich oozes on the Challenger Plateau, southern Tasman Sea, are used to infer changes in depositional paleocurrent velocities. The most obvious record of textural ...