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  • Demographic perspective on women’s status and religion: Multicultural investigation

    Foroutan, Yaghoob (Population Association of America, 2011)
    Giving the central focus to ‘religious affiliation’ which ‘was once at the forefront of demographic research’ (McQuillan 2004: 25), this paper examines the association between religion and women’s market employment. The ...
  • Ethnic and religious discrimination? A multicultural analysis of muslim minorities in the west

    Foroutan, Yaghoob (Taylor and Francis, 2011)
    Using a discrimination approach, this paper analyzes the consequence of religious affiliation on the status of female migrants in the labor market. Available literature emphasizes the fact that the combination of a set of ...
  • Family–work dilemma of female migrants: patterns and strategies

    Foroutan, Yaghoob (Routledge, 2013)
    Focusing on the differentials associated with migrants’ region of origin, this paper examines the effects of family structure on women’s work. This analysis aims to provide empirical evidence to shed further light on the ...
  • Multiculturalism and women’s employment: A sociological perspective

    Foroutan, Yaghoob (Auckland University of Technology, 2011)
    This paper analyses the patterns and determinants of female labour force participation from a sociological perspective. Using a relatively recent database, the present analysis updates existing knowledge and evaluates prior ...
  • Study Intention Survey 2010: Research Report May 2011

    Foroutan, Yaghoob; Jackson, Natalie; Hutt, Rachael; Weal, Jennifer (National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis (NIDEA), 2011-05)
    The Secondary School Study Intentions Survey is now in its seventh year. The main objectives of this research are to identify secondary school students’ choice of programme, the level of qualification that students aspire ...

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