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  • Bridge lane direction specifications for sustainable traffic management

    Foulds, James Richard; Foulds, Les R. (World Scientific Publishing, 2006)
    We present a deterministic model that specifies lane direction in a multi-laned bridge that has a movable barrier that divides the two directions of traffic flow, in order to reduce congestion. A probabilistic dynamic ...
  • Farmers Reap Benefits of DSS

    Foulds, Les R.; West, Martin (INFORMS, 2006-04)
    Maize farming in New Zealand is an important activity contributing a significant proportion of the output of the agricultural sector. Commercial contractors form an important part of the harvesting process by traveling ...
  • Innovation of e-procurement: a case study

    Foulds, Les R.; West, Martin (Inderscience, 2006)
    Many organisations are increasingly searching for innovative processes and methods to achieve competitive advantage and to more fully take advantage of what they have in order to improve. This article is an illustration ...
  • A probabilistic dynamic programming model of rape seed harvesting

    Foulds, James Richard; Foulds, Les R. (Inderscience, 2006)
    We discuss a practical scenario from an operations scheduling viewpoint involving commercial contracting enterprises that visit farms in order to harvest rape seed crops. We report on a probabilistic dynamic programming ...
  • Scheduling contractors' farm-to-farm crop harvesting operations

    Basnet, Chuda; Foulds, Les R.; Wilson, J. (Blackwell Publishing, 2006)
    The harvesting of renewable resources from an operations scheduling viewpoint is introduced, and a harvesting scenario arising in the agricultural context involving a commercial contracting enterprise that travels from ...

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