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  • Distribution of silty sediments in the shallow subsurface of the shipping channels of Tauranga Harbour

    de Lange, Willem P.; Moon, Vicki G.; Fox, Beth R.S. (Environmental Research Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, The University of Waikato, 2014-12-10)
    Capital dredging in 1992 encountered some areas of siltier sediments that resulted in the formation of a highly visible plume. Subsequently multibeam and diver observations indicated that there are further areas of sediments ...
  • Interaction of polar and tropical influences in the mid-latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere during the Mi-1 deglaciation

    Fox, Beth R.S.; D'Andrea, W.J.; Wilson, G.S.; Lee, D.E.; Wartho, J.-A. (Elsevier, 2017)
    It is well-known from geologic archives that Pleistocene and Holocene climate is characterised by cyclical variation on a wide range of timescales, and that these cycles of variation interact in complex ways. However, it ...
  • Long-term evolution of an Oligocene/Miocene maar lake from Otago, New Zealand

    Fox, Beth R.S.; Wartho, J.; Wilson, Gary S.; Lee, Daphne E.; Nelson, F.E.; Kaulfuss, U. (American Geophysical Union, 2015-01-01)
    Foulden Maar is a highly resolved maar lake deposit from the South Island of New Zealand comprising laminated diatomite punctuated by numerous diatomaceous turbidites. Basaltic clasts found in debris flow deposits near the ...
  • Towards a quantitative proxy of cave dripwater hydrology

    Hartland, Adam; Hu, Chaoyong; Enge, Gabriel; Zitoun, Rebecca; Lehto, Niklas; Salmanzadeh, Mahdiyeh; Fox, Beth R.S.; Dosseto, Anthony; Breitenbach, Sebastian (2018)
    Speleothems capture a wide range of geochemical signals related to hydroclimate variability. However, the quantification of climatic parameters (e.g. rainfall, temperature) using traditional proxies is hampered by the ...
  • Why does Tauranga Harbour exist?

    de Lange, Willem P.; Fox, Beth R.S.; Moon, Vicki G. (2017)
    Within the Bay of Plenty, Tauranga and Ohiwa Harbours are unusual in that their hypsometry indicates that they are less mature estuaries than the rest of the estuaries in the region, which is not consistent with the ...

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