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  • Evidence of plant and animal communities at exposed and subglacial (cave) geothermal sites in Antarctica

    Fraser, Ceridwen I.; Connell, Laurie; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Cary, S. Craig (Springer, 2018)
    Geothermal areas, such as volcanoes, might have acted as glacial microrefugia for a wide range of species. The heavily glaciated but volcanically active Antarctic continent presents an ideal system for assessing this ...
  • The genomic footprint of coastal earthquake uplift

    Parvizi, Elahe; Fraser, Ceridwen I.; Dutoit, Ludovic; Craw, Dave; Waters, Jonathan M. (Royal Society, 2020)
    Theory suggests that catastrophic earth-history events can drive rapid biological evolution, but empirical evidence for such processes is scarce. Destructive geological events such as earthquakes can represent large-scale ...