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  • Experiments in cross-domain few-shot learning for image classification

    Wang, Hongyu; Gouk, Henry; Fraser, Huon; Frank, Eibe; Pfahringer, Bernhard; Mayo, Michael; Holmes, Geoffrey (Informa UK Limited, 2022)
    Cross-domain few-shot learning has many practical applications. This paper attempts to shed light on suitable configurations of feature exactors and ‘shallow’ classifiers in this machine learning setting. We apply ResNet-based ...
  • Regression modelling of spectroscopic data using lazy learning and deep neural networks

    Fraser, Huon (The University of Waikato, 2022)
    Neural networks show promise in modelling infrared (IR) spectroscopic data, but many of the proposed solutions in the literature are either Multilayer Perceptrons with a single hidden layer or are adapted from successful ...

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