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  • Beachgoers' ability to identify rip currents at a beach in situ

    Pitman, Sebastian J.; Thompson, Katie; Hart, Deirdre E.; Moran, Kevin; Gallop, Shari L.; Brander, Robert W.; Wooler, Adam (Copernicus Publications, 2021)
    Rip currents (“rips”) are the leading cause of drowning on surf beaches worldwide. A major contributing factor is that many beachgoers are unable to identify rip currents. Previous research has attempted to quantify ...
  • A comparison of beach nourishment methodology and performance at two fringing reef beaches in Waikiki (Hawaii, USA) and Cadiz (SW Spain)

    Muñoz-Perez, Juan J.; Gallop, Shari L.; Moreno, Luis J. (MDPI AG, 2020)
    Fringing reefs have significant impacts on beach dynamics, yet there is little research on how they should be considered in beach nourishment design, monitoring, and conservation works. Thus, the behavior and characteristics ...
  • Decadal shoreline erosion and recovery of beaches in modified and natural estuaries

    Fellowes, Thomas E.; Vila-Concejo, Ana; Gallop, Shari L.; Schosberg, Ryan; de Staercke, Vincent; Largier, John L. (Elsevier BV, 2021)
    Sandy beaches in estuaries and bays (BEBs) are common landforms on the coasts of many major cities. They exist under a wide range of settings and their morphology is controlled by their distance from the estuary/bay entrance, ...
  • Geologically controlled sandy beaches: Their geomorphology, morphodynamics and classification

    Gallop, Shari L.; Kennedy, David M.; Loureiro, Carlos; Naylor, Larissa A.; Munoz-Perez, Juan J.; Jackson, Derek W.T.; Fellowes, Thomas E. (Elsevier, 2020)
    Beaches that are geologically controlled by rock and coral formations are the rule, not the exception. This paper reviews the current understanding of geologically controlled beaches, bringing together a range of terminologies ...
  • The influence of reef topography on storm-driven sand flux

    Bosserelle, Cyprien; Gallop, Shari L.; Haigh, Ivan D.; Pattiaratchi, Charitha B. (MDPI AG, 2021)
    Natural formations of rock and coral can support geologically controlled beaches, where the beach dynamics are significantly influenced by these structures. However, little is known about how alongshore variations in ...

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