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  • Assessing the effects of flood resilience technologies

    Golz, Sebastian; Schinke, Reinhard; Naumann, Thomas; Garvin, Stephen; White, Iain (2013)
    The impacts of floods on housing in urban areas are increasing due to both the intensification of extreme weather events and the development of settlements together with the rising vulnerability of assets in areas at risk. ...
  • Flood resilience technology in Europe: identifying barriers and co-producing best practice

    White, Iain; Connelly, Angela; Garvin, Stephen; Lawson, Nigel; O'Hare, Paul (2018)
    Flood resistance (FRe) and resilience technologies hold considerable potential to limit the damage caused by flooding. Resistance technologies generally aim to keep water out of buildings, while resilient measures may allow ...
  • Testing innovative technologies to manage flood risk

    Connelly, Angela; Gabalda, Vincent; Garvin, Stephen; Hunter, Katy; Kelly, David; Lawson, Nigel; O'Hare, Paul; White, Iain (ICE Publishing, 2015)
    The move towards multi-faceted approaches to flood risk management is cemented in the European Union (EU) floods directive (directive 2007/60/EC). Across Europe, resources are diverted towards softer interventions such as ...