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  • Consistent predator-prey biomass scaling in complex food webs

    Perkins, Daniel M.; Hatton, Ian A.; Gauzens, Benoit; Barnes, Andrew D.; Ott, David; Rosenbaum, Benjamin; Vinagre, Catarina; Brose, Ulrich (Springer Nature, 2022-08-25)
    The ratio of predator-to-prey biomass is a key element of trophic structure that is typically investigated from a food chain perspective, ignoring channels of energy transfer (e.g. omnivory) that may govern community ...
  • For flux's sake: General considerations for energy-flux calculations in ecological communities

    Jochum, Malte; Barnes, Andrew D.; Brose, Ulrich; Gauzens, Benoit; Suennemann, Marie; Amyntas, Angelos; Eisenhauer, Nico (WILEY, 2021-09-14)
    Global change alters ecological communities with consequences for ecosystem processes. Such processes and functions are a central aspect of ecological research and vital to understanding and mitigating the consequences of ...