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  • Application of a nutrition support protocol to encourage optimisation of nutrient intake in provincial academy rugby union athletes in New Zealand: Practical considerations and challenges from a team-based case study

    Roberts, Charlie J.; Gill, Nicholas D.; Beaven, Christopher Martyn; Posthumus, Logan R.; Sims, Stacy. (2022-01-01)
    Provincial academies represent an important bridge between amateur and professional level rugby union in New Zealand. Athletes are provided with professional-level coaching; however, limited direct nutrition support is ...
  • The associations between physical-test performance and match performance in women’s rugby sevens players

    Sella, Francesco Stefano; Hopkins, William G.; Beaven, Christopher Martyn; McMaster, Daniel Travis; Gill, Nicholas D.; Hébert-Losier, Kim (Termedia Publishing House, and Institute of Sport – National Research Institute, Poland., 2022-11-18)
    Evaluating the relationships between physical-test and match performance in team sports could be useful for training prescription and athlete evaluation. Here we investigated these relationships in women’s Rugby Sevens. ...
  • COVID-19 Lockdown: A Global Study Investigating the Effect of Athletes’ Sport Classification and Sex on Training Practices

    Washif, J.A.; Sandbakk, Ø.; Seiler, S.; Haugen, T.; Farooq, A.; Quarrie, K.; Janse van Rensburg, D.C.; Krug, I.; Verhagen, E; Wong, DP; Mujika, I; Cortis, C; Haddad, M; Ahmadian, O.; Al Jufaili, M.; Al-Horani, R. A.; Al-Mohannadi, A. S.; Aloui, A.; Ammar, A.; Arifi, F.; Aziz, A. R.; Batuev, M.; Beaven, Christopher Martyn; Beneke, R.; Bici, A.; Bishnoi, P.; Bogwasi, L.; Bok, D.; Boukhris, O.; Boullosa, D.; Bragazzi, N.; Brito, J.; Palacios Cartagena, R. P.; Chaouachi, A.; Cheung, S. S.; Chtourou, H.; Cosma, G.; Debevec, T.; DeLang, M. D.; Dellal, A.; Dönmez, G.; Driss, T.; Peña Duque, J. D.; Eirale, C.; Elloumi, M.; Foster, C.; Franchini, E.; Fusco, A.; Galy, O.; Gastin, PB; Gill, Nicholas D.; Girard, O.; Gregov, C.; Halson, S.; Hammouda, O.; Hanzlíková, I.; Hassanmirzaei, B.; Hébert-Losier, Kim; Muñoz Helú, H.; Herrera-Valenzuela, T.; Hettinga, FJ; Holtzhausen, L.; Hue, O.; Dello Iacono, A.; Ihalainen, JK; James, C.; Joseph, S.; Kamoun, K.; Khaled, M.; Khalladi, K.; Kim, KJ; Kok, L. -Y.; MacMillan, L.; Mataruna-Dos-Santos, LJ; Matsunaga, R.; Memishi, S.; Millet, GP; Moussa-Chamari, I.; Musa, DI; Nguyen, HMT; Nikolaidis, PT; Owen, A.; Padulo, J.; Pagaduan, JC; Perera, NP; Pérez-Gómez, J.; Pillay, L.; Popa, A.; Pudasaini, A.; Rabbani, A; Rahayu, T.; Romdhani, M; Salamh, P.; Sarkar, A-S; Schillinger, A.; Setyawati, H.; Shrestha, N; Suraya, F; Tabben, M.; Trabelsi, K.; Urhausen, A.; Valtonen, M; Weber, J; Whiteley, R.; Zrane, A.; Zerguini, Y.; Zmijewski, P.; Ben Saad, H.; Pyne, DB; Taylor, L.; Chamari, K. (Human Kinetics, 2022-08-01)
    Purpose: To investigate differences in athletes’ knowledge, beliefs, and training practices during COVID-19 lockdowns with reference to sport classification and sex. This work extends an initial descriptive evaluation ...
  • Eccentric training interventions and team sport athletes

    McNeill, Conor; Beaven, Christopher Martyn; McMaster, Daniel Travis; Gill, Nicholas D. (MDPI, 2019)
    Eccentric resistance training has been shown to improve performance outcomes in a range of populations, making it a popular choice for practitioners. Evidence suggests that neuromuscular adaptations resulting from eccentric ...
  • Effect of drop jump training frequency on reactive strength in rugby athletes

    McMaster, Daniel Travis; Mayo, Brad; Stebbing, Thomas; Gill, Nicholas D.; McNeill, Conor; Beaven, Christopher Martyn (ICST, 2018)
    Background Jumping is a commonly used training modality to improve athletic performance and neuromuscular capabilities. The capacity to rapidly absorb eccentric forces and rapidly produce a concentric force within a ...

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