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  • The advent of the Anthropocene in Australasia.

    Bostock, Helen C.; Lowe, David J.; Gillespie, Richard; Priestley, Rebecca; Newnham, Rewi M.; Mooney, Scott D. (Australasian Quaternary Association (AQUA), 2015-07-21)
    As early as the late 19th Century, several scientists had suggested that humans were starting to influence the physical environment of planet Earth (e.g. Marsh, 1864; Stoppani, 1873; Arrhenius, 1896; Chamberlain, 1897). ...
  • Murray-Darling basin freshwater shells: riverine reservoir effect

    Gillespie, Richard; Fink, David; Petchey, Fiona; Jacobsen, Geraldine (Oceania Publications, 2009)
    We report carbon isotope measurements on pre-bomb museum samples of freshwater mussel shells collected alive from riverine locations in New South Wales, Australia. The calculated reservoir ages, ranging from -60 to +112 ...