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  • A new species of mudfish, Neochanna (Teleostei: Galaxidae), from northern New Zealand

    Ling, Nicholas; Gleeson, Dianne M. (The Royal Society of New Zealand, 2001)
    A new species of mudfish, Neochanna, is described from Northland. Neochanna heleios n.sp. is known from only three ephemeral wetland sites on the Kerikeri volcanic plateau and is abundant only at the type locality. The new ...
  • Reinvasion by ship rats (Rattus rattus) of forest fragments after eradication

    King, Carolyn M.; Innes, John G.; Gleeson, Dianne M.; Fitzgerald, Neil; Winstanley, Tom; O’Brien, Barry; Bridgman, Lucy Jade; Cox, Neil R. (Springer, 2011)
    Reinvasions provide prime examples of source-sink population dynamics, and are a major reason for failure of eradications of invasive rats from protected areas. Yet little is known about the origins and population structure ...