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  • High performance simulation for ATM network development

    Cleary, John G.; Pearson, Murray W.; Graham, Ian; Unger, Brian (1996-06)
    Techniques for measuring and modeling ATM traffic are reviewed. The requirements for cell level ATM network modeling and simulation are then outlined followed by a description of an ATM traffic and network (ATM-TN) simulator. ...
  • High precision traffic measurement by the WAND research group

    Cleary, John G.; Graham, Ian; McGregor, Anthony James; Pearson, Murray W.; Siedins, Ilze; Curtis, James; Donnelly, Stephen; Martens, Jed; Martin, Stele (Department of Computer Science, 1999-12)
    Over recent years the size and capacity of the Internet has continued its exponential growth driven by new applications and improving network technology. These changes are particularly significant in the New Zealand context ...
  • Measuring ATM traffic: final report for New Zealand Telecom

    Cleary, John G.; Graham, Ian; Pearson, Murray W.; McGregor, Anthony James (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 1998-10)
    The report describes the development of a low-cost ATM monitoring system, hosted by a standard PC. The monitor can be used remotely returning information on ATM traffic flows to a central site. The monitor is interfaces ...