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  • A data-driven approach to predict suspended-sediment reference concentration under non-breaking waves

    Oehler, Francois; Coco, Giovanni; Green, Malcolm O.; Bryan, Karin R. (Elsevier, 2012)
    Using a detailed set of hydrodynamic and suspended-sediment observations, we developed data-driven algorithms based on Boosted Regression Trees and Artificial Neural Networks to predict suspended-sediment reference (near-bed) ...
  • Effects of deposit-feeding bivalve (Macomona liliana) density on intertidal sediment stability

    Lelieveld, S. D.; Pilditch, Conrad A.; Green, Malcolm O. (The Royal Society of New Zealand, 2004-03-01)
    Effects of macrofaunal feeding and bioturbation on intertidal sediment stability (u*crit) were investigated by manipulating density (0-3 x ambient) of the facultative deposit-feeding wedge shell (Macomona liliana) on the ...
  • Shifting sands

    Hume, Anne Christine; Coco, Giovanni; Green, Malcolm O. (NZASE, 2007)
    The article presents the proposed changes to the New Zealand Draft Curriculum on the Nature of Science. In July 2006, the draft was released to school and the wider educational community for consultation on the national ...