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  • Contextualizing street homelessness in New Zealand: A case study approach

    Groot, Shiloh Ann Maree (University of Waikato, 2010)
    Homelessness is commonly associated with large urban settings. For people who sleep on the streets it encompasses experiences of stigma, regulation and displacement, marginalization, violence, loneliness, and bodily decline. ...
  • Cultural vehicles and the Māori print media: What cultural concepts are used to communicate health messages to Māori?

    Groot, Shiloh Ann Maree (2006)
    Existing research indicates that vaccination programmes to prevent Meningococcal disease have low response rates from Māori which contributes to a belief that Māori are apathetic and irresponsible. Our research question ...
  • Discussion

    Groot, Shiloh Ann Maree; Masters-Awatere, Bridgette; van Ommen, Clifford; Tassell-Matamua, Natasha (Massey University Press, 2017)
    Guy standing’s words have served as the launching point from which this book began. The book is a call for us all to renew our commitment and dedication to building diverse and powerful movements for a secure, stable and ...
  • Drifting along or dropping into homelessness: A class analysis of responses to homelessness

    Hodgetts, Darrin; Stolte, Ottilie Emma Elisabeth; Nikora, Linda Waimarie; Groot, Shiloh Ann Maree (Wiley, 2012)
    Prominent assumptions about street homelessness and how it should be addressed originate primarily from middle class domiciled worldviews. This article draws on interviews with 58 street homeless people to develop a typology ...
  • Editorial: Special Issue: Ignored no longer: Emerging Indigenous researchers on Indigenous psychologies

    Groot, Shiloh Ann Maree; Rua, Mohi; Dudgeon, Pat; Garvey, Darren (The Australian Psychological Society Ltd, 2012)
    In this special issue, edited by Mohi, Bridgette, Shiloh, Pat and Darren, we showcase work conducted within several such Indigenous psychologies. This collection of papers from emerging Indigenous scholars reflect a vibrant, ...