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  • An ecological study of Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense Lour.) in the Waikato Region

    Grove, E.; Clarkson, Bruce D. (2005)
    Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) has naturalised across the Waikato region invading lowland native forest and wetland habitat. This shrub has the ability to form a dense canopy or subcanopy and appears to exclude other ...
  • Waiwhakareke Restoration Plantings: Establishment of Monitoring Plots 2005-06

    Grove, E.; Pairs, B.; Clarkson, Bruce D. (Centre for Biodiversity and Ecology Research, School of Science & Engineering, University of Waikato, 2006)
    Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park is being developed to reconstruct native lowland and wetland ecosystems as were once widespread in the Waikato Region. The 60ha Natural Heritage Park is located on the north-west outskirts ...

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