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  • The influence of reef topography on storm-driven sand flux

    Bosserelle, Cyprien; Gallop, Shari L.; Haigh, Ivan D.; Pattiaratchi, Charitha B. (MDPI AG, 2021)
    Natural formations of rock and coral can support geologically controlled beaches, where the beach dynamics are significantly influenced by these structures. However, little is known about how alongshore variations in ...
  • Morphological evolution of creek networks in 10 restored coastal wetlands in the UK

    Chirol, Clementine; Haigh, Ivan D.; Pontee, Nigel; Thompson, Charlie E.L.; Gallop, Shari L. (Nature Portfolio, 2022)
    Coastal wetlands provide crucial ecosystem services including flood protection and carbon storage, but are being lost rapidly worldwide to the combined effects of sea-level rise, erosion and coastal urbanisation. Managed ...