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  • The role of urban topography in the orientation of Greek temples: the cases of Akragas and Selinunte

    Hannah, Robert; Magli, Giulio; Orlando, Andrea (The University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece, 2016)
    It is well known that the vast majority of the Greek temples of Sicily are oriented to the rising sun. However the factors which influenced the specific orientation of each temple or of each group of temples can be of ...
  • The roles of observational astronomy in ancient Greece

    Hannah, Robert (University of the Aegean, 2015)
    This paper offers an investigation into the interface between science, in the form of astronomy, and culture, in the form of religion and the calendar. Early societies made use of a variety of mechanisms to mark time, based ...
  • Time in written spaces

    Hannah, Robert (Bloomsbury, 2013)
    Time in written form pervades our social existence. From the daily news, whether on the web or in print, to wall calendars in our homes or offices, which tell us what day it is; from personal watches or cellphones to public ...

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