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  • Conservation status of New Zealand freshwater invertebrates, 2013

    Grainger, N.; Collier, Kevin J.; Hitchmough, Rodney; Harding, Jon S.; Smith, Brian J.; Sutherland, Darin Lee (Department of Conservation, 2014)
    The conservation status of 644 freshwater invertebrate taxa, across five Phyla, 28 Orders and 75 Families, was assessed using the New Zealand Threat Classification System (NZTCS) criteria. Forty-six species were ranked ...
  • Quantifying relationships between land-use gradients and structural and functional indicators of stream ecological integrity

    Clapcott, Joanne E.; Collier, Kevin J.; Death, Russell G.; Goodwin, E.O.; Harding, Jon S.; Kelly, David; Leathwick, John R.; Young, Roger G. (Wiley, 2012)
    1. Modification of natural landscapes and land-use intensification are global phenomena that can result in a range of differing pressures on lotic ecosystems. We analysed national-scale databases to quantify the relationship ...
  • Systematics expertise and taxonomic status of New Zealand’s freshwater insects

    Leschen, Richard A.B.; Collier, Kevin J.; Death, Russell G.; Harding, Jon S.; Smith, Brian J. (2016)
    Insects are important to ecosystem functioning in freshwater habitats. They have a rich diversity, fill every ecological niche, and as predators and scavengers and the prey of larger species, they play a vital role in ...